Friday, May 16, 2014

Amy Webb on Hacking Online Dating...Love this!

Seriously, I almost want to make a spreadsheet myself! Luckily, however, I have never gotten stuck with a $1300 bill!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Live Tweeting Break-up, Labeling Women "Crazy," The Trouble with PUA, and more fun stuff!

So, I don't really feel like writing right now - plus I have to get back to doing real work, but decided I'd share some stuff that I've been enjoying - for your reading pleasure: On Labeling Women 'Crazy' - seriously gals - it's almost always a red flag when a guy right off the bat tells you about his "crazy" ex - at the very least, ask for details - it's possible she really did have some issues, but it's also quite possible you'll just be the next one to be called "crazy" for whatever reason! Live Tweeting Break-up - I just find this very amusing - also, good for Rachel - I hope she broke up with him and it stuck. The Trouble with PUA - I especially appreciate this coming from a guy who used to participate (to a degree) in this BS! "There are a great number of intellectual fallacies at work in pick up philosophy, especially the fallacy of composition. Because pick-up was originally based around trying to score with girls in nightclubs, and many of women in nightclubs can be arrogant or rude; they’re in an environment that encourages and rewards them based on their looks and accords them status because of it. Many of them are shallow or flaky or manipulative… but pick-up teaches that all women are like this, like a giant hive-mind."

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's not OK, OKCupid...

I'm both entertained and horrified by this site - It's Not Ok, OkCupid - and I have no doubt these are all real messages!

Monday, January 24, 2011

What a catch!

The first few words caught my eye and it gets even better! I think he's my soulmate...

"I don't drink, smoke, go to bars play or watch games. These will not change. I do like movies, love to travel, cars, computers, walks on the beach, sunsets (you should see my site :)) and dinners. Yes, I'm a bit romantic but I also like to be precise, serious and I really do not like to be late! I know what I want and I am ambitious. On the other hand I never stopped being a kid. I like fun and humor but I prefer the bit sarcastic Seinfeld, Monty Python type.

The ONE I am looking for is an average, Kind girl who has not been married, has no children, doesn't smoke or drink. Must be comfortable and happy in her own skin. Smart, educated. So basically a perfect girl with a good sense of humor."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Adventures in Online Dating - Part "I've lost count"

Instant No's on

1 - They use the word soulmate.
2 - Saying you enjoy "good rap like Eminem"
3 - Jesus is the light of your life.
4 - Making a big deal about how in shape you are. Ok, I get it already.
5 - Mentioning you like to "please a woman with a massage." Yeah, I can see where you're going with that, buddy.
6 - You are currently only seperated.

To be continued...

Please add on in comments if you've got any good ones!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Best and Worst Professions To Date

Just read the post "Best and Worst Professions to Date" on and felt I would put in my two cents for my first new post in awhile:

In the Best Category:

Teachers: I have to agree with Lemondrop on this one. Teachers are generally smart, patient, good with people, and genuinely care about others. Also, the whole summer off thing definitely doesn't hurt! At the same time, I am NOT and never will be a morning person and teachers are pretty much always early to bed and early to rise.

IT guys/Engineers: They are smart, they can fix your computer, they generally have 9-5 jobs that don't expand much over that, not to mention they tend to make decent money.

Carpenters/Handymen/etc.: They can fix stuff, and they know how to work with their hands - 'nuff said.


Doctors & Lawyers: You are NEVER going to see them (especially doctors) and as far as the money thing goes they generally don't make all that much in the beginning and/or are paying off student loans for the first 10-15 years of their careers.

Musicians: Assuming they are actually any good, they tend to be more loyal and in love with their band than you, in the times that they are not working their day job you tend not to see too much of them, and, not to mention, no matter what they are going to be hit on all the time.

Bartenders: Has anybody ever though Bartenders are good to date? Unless you work in the restaurant industry this is probably always a bad idea. Still, they ARE fun to flirt with!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I should know better...

1 - Says he lives in center city yet needs to drive to old city, can't find the place and wants to leave because he can't park on the immediate block. You know there are such things as cabs, even if you don't live walking or busses or trains. Also brags about how he lives in a center city high rise on his profile.

2 - Says he wants to meet, but he needs to eat, could he meet me in an hour. How about ask me if I've had dinner? And then the night before he texts something about possibly meeting for appetizers and a drink - what about dinner? Come on. You brag on your profile about making 150k plus per year and says he "treats ladies with flawless manners" yet you won't even ask a girl out to dinner?

3 - writes his profile like it's a resume and/or for a job interview with bullet points:


* I got some panache."

At least if you are going to say it, say "I'VE" got panache.

4 - Again with the job interview, states his "flaws" while trying to talk himself up:

* FLAW: I’m a true Renaissance man - always striving to learn, learn, learn. I am the king of abstract thought. I never buy into the “usual way” of seeing things. I fight for the truth, even if I am swimming upstream.

* FLAW: I’m a man of adventure and am constantly spontaneous. I’m self-employed so I often run to the mountains for a mini ski trip, the beach, or jump in my plane, or book a flight to the Caribbean the day before the flight.

* FLAW: Obsessed with geography, travel spots, future adventures, and trivia.

5 - Says this in his profile: "My concept of an ideal relationship would be "best friends with an intense physical component." Do I need to say anything more?"

I think he wants to have sex with himself...

6- Is a texter that expects you to get back to him right away after his first text but when you are having a conversation about meeting up will go for much longer periods without responding and then seem shocked or annoyed when you don't feel like going out 2+ hours later.

And finally, feels it necessary to say in his profile: "No needy, unstable nutbags please!" Good lord.

Douche-bag update!

So after waiting to hear from him for an hour and a half my friend Krista calls and asks me if I want to meet her for a drink. I say sure (surprise!) and go to meet her at a neighborhood bar in old city where I live (old city, not the bar), and, may I mention, a part of the city I love. So then he calls. First thing I ask him is where in the city he lives that he was driving to old city the other night when he couldn't find parking and then left. He says he lives at 18th and Spring Garden - in the penthouse sweet, of course, he MUST mention this - and that he has a parking spot so why waste money on a cab. I mean, I understand this if you are going somewhere where parking is easy to find and free like Northern Liberties or South Philly, but for old city? I tell him i am out with a friend and he is welcome to come by. Now at this point I'm already thinking I don't even think I WANT to meet him, but I figure I have my friend as a buffer so why not try to give him the benefit of the doubt. He proceeds to let me know that his is not very familiar with Old City as he stopped going there awhile ago once old city had become "crime central." Um, what? I mean I know that yes, I have gotten mugged or almost mugged in old city twice, but I have friends that have had things happen to them in Rittenhouse and other nicer areas of the city. It happens, folks, it's a city! (Also, it's not like his area of the city is Pleasantville!) I also know that at times there have been minor shooting instances or fights but it's pretty much all been on a Friday or Saturday night, very late, and in or around one of the clubs filled with, may I mention, mostly people who AREN'T from old city. Believe it or not, people, those of us who live in old city, hate it on the weekends and no, most of us don't spend our time going to the Blue Martini or Red Sky or all those various douche-y clubs. Anyhoo, then he tells me how he witnessed a shooting in front of one of the clubs and he personally had to use his own belt to tie the guys like around the femeral artery so that the guy didn't bleed to death. Oh, good lord, now you're the hero too? Whatever. Then he tells me that he has it from a good source that just recently some guy shot several people in a driveby outside one of the clubs with an oozie. An, oozie, folks. And I live in old city and never heard about THAT one. Also, again, when shootings do happen they are on the weekend, NOT in the middle of the week, but whatever. So anyway, at this point I'm just annoyed and irritated by him and I know damn well that if I met him I'd probably just end up wanting the strangle him. And then the kicker. He knows I am out with my friend and he says, well if I came all the way out there to meet you would you at least be willing to talk to me privately, I don't want to come out there just to hang out with two girls. And I say, well, I'm not going to abandon my friend and leave her sitting all by herself, she's not staying late, just come out and we can talk one on one once she leaves (though at this point, knowing how much he annoyed me, if he did come I'd probably beg her NOT to leave.) So this get's him all huffy and he says something like "Fine. Whatever." and then hangs up on me. Hello, asshole.

Seriously, What a douche.