Monday, January 24, 2011

What a catch!

The first few words caught my eye and it gets even better! I think he's my soulmate...

"I don't drink, smoke, go to bars play or watch games. These will not change. I do like movies, love to travel, cars, computers, walks on the beach, sunsets (you should see my site :)) and dinners. Yes, I'm a bit romantic but I also like to be precise, serious and I really do not like to be late! I know what I want and I am ambitious. On the other hand I never stopped being a kid. I like fun and humor but I prefer the bit sarcastic Seinfeld, Monty Python type.

The ONE I am looking for is an average, Kind girl who has not been married, has no children, doesn't smoke or drink. Must be comfortable and happy in her own skin. Smart, educated. So basically a perfect girl with a good sense of humor."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Adventures in Online Dating - Part "I've lost count"

Instant No's on

1 - They use the word soulmate.
2 - Saying you enjoy "good rap like Eminem"
3 - Jesus is the light of your life.
4 - Making a big deal about how in shape you are. Ok, I get it already.
5 - Mentioning you like to "please a woman with a massage." Yeah, I can see where you're going with that, buddy.
6 - You are currently only seperated.

To be continued...

Please add on in comments if you've got any good ones!