Monday, October 4, 2010

Best and Worst Professions To Date

Just read the post "Best and Worst Professions to Date" on and felt I would put in my two cents for my first new post in awhile:

In the Best Category:

Teachers: I have to agree with Lemondrop on this one. Teachers are generally smart, patient, good with people, and genuinely care about others. Also, the whole summer off thing definitely doesn't hurt! At the same time, I am NOT and never will be a morning person and teachers are pretty much always early to bed and early to rise.

IT guys/Engineers: They are smart, they can fix your computer, they generally have 9-5 jobs that don't expand much over that, not to mention they tend to make decent money.

Carpenters/Handymen/etc.: They can fix stuff, and they know how to work with their hands - 'nuff said.


Doctors & Lawyers: You are NEVER going to see them (especially doctors) and as far as the money thing goes they generally don't make all that much in the beginning and/or are paying off student loans for the first 10-15 years of their careers.

Musicians: Assuming they are actually any good, they tend to be more loyal and in love with their band than you, in the times that they are not working their day job you tend not to see too much of them, and, not to mention, no matter what they are going to be hit on all the time.

Bartenders: Has anybody ever though Bartenders are good to date? Unless you work in the restaurant industry this is probably always a bad idea. Still, they ARE fun to flirt with!

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