Monday, November 18, 2013

Live Tweeting Break-up, Labeling Women "Crazy," The Trouble with PUA, and more fun stuff!

So, I don't really feel like writing right now - plus I have to get back to doing real work, but decided I'd share some stuff that I've been enjoying - for your reading pleasure: On Labeling Women 'Crazy' - seriously gals - it's almost always a red flag when a guy right off the bat tells you about his "crazy" ex - at the very least, ask for details - it's possible she really did have some issues, but it's also quite possible you'll just be the next one to be called "crazy" for whatever reason! Live Tweeting Break-up - I just find this very amusing - also, good for Rachel - I hope she broke up with him and it stuck. The Trouble with PUA - I especially appreciate this coming from a guy who used to participate (to a degree) in this BS! "There are a great number of intellectual fallacies at work in pick up philosophy, especially the fallacy of composition. Because pick-up was originally based around trying to score with girls in nightclubs, and many of women in nightclubs can be arrogant or rude; they’re in an environment that encourages and rewards them based on their looks and accords them status because of it. Many of them are shallow or flaky or manipulative… but pick-up teaches that all women are like this, like a giant hive-mind."

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